Yes, I see you…

It was a pretty fun night. I kinda shoved any thought of work once 7:00 PM came and just had a grand time celebrating JV’s birthday at Pappadeaux. Trust me, I won’t have this as my choice but it’s not my day. It was a fun night catching up with everyone and just chilling with good friends over good food (my chicken linguine was actually good). These are the moments that I miss and treasure.

On another note, I saw one of the guys I’ve met up before in Starbucks — Diane, Dave and I decided to continue catching up in Starbucks Rookwood. I would have said “hi” if he kept in touch and answered my messages, but since he did not, I guess there’s really no point to actually build any semblance of being nice. There are really just people who do that. Personally, it’s one of the pet peeves that kinda annoys me, but I’m also guilty of it as well. As much as possible, I try to reply to messages that come my way and apologize if I miss them. I think it’s the decent thing to do. But, there are just some messages that make me think “really? come on!” that I just choose to ignore. Yes, it’s not universal at all.



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