Apple Week

IOS 7 finally got released today. I was already in the IOS 7 GM since last week because I did not want to join the frenzy. I experienced bad connection before in updating my IOS device because everyone wanted to update it. What’s funny was earlier, I tried to see if I can download the real IOS 7 software and I was able to do it in 12 minutes. Not bad, right? So I just decided to do the clean install. I thought I’ll have a problem there, but apparently, the activation servers were down so I was iPhone-less for an hour. How annoying is that? Next time, I’ll just follow my old strategy of getting the GM version and upgrading to the real one a week later.As for my feedback, I actually like it very much. The flat interface really appeals to me. I think it’s very modern and sleek. I’m very happy with this version. 

On Friday, the latest iPhone devices will be out. I was planning on getting an iPhone 5s but I did not really want to be hassled. Then, I was tinkering with my 4s and realized that it’s still a good phone. Performance-wise and everything, it was still pretty snappy and functions perfectly. So, why upgrade, right? I really want LTE speed to be honest, but that’s not really a *need*. So, I just told myself— if I can get an iPhone 5s on Friday, then that’s that. If not, I’ll just wait out iPhone 6 next year. I’m crossing my fingers that I have enough EQ for that. 


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