Finally it’s October! My project finally went live today so that means that it’s bound to end soon which is something I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been in California since last week and it has been pretty good this time around. Things are calmer and we’re just really trying to get this over with. And, good news is that I do not have to travel again here in Pleasanton! My Program Mgr said she does not really need me on-site anymore and I can just execute the work remotely. I’m very happy about that!

 In other news, I got my advance Christmas gift — an iPhone 5S. It was kinda serendipitous because it was just a chance that I got this. I was originally planning on getting it during Day 1 but like almost everywhere else, it was sold out at once. I already gave up and even considered waiting for the Nexus 5 which is rumored to be released in October. When I went to Pleasanton, I just decided to go to Stonebridge mall to take a chance. When I went to the Apple store, there was a line and the Apple guy said that all variants are in because of a new shipment that arrived earlier. I lined up for an hour and got my gold iPhone 5S! I was not really planning on getting the gold but since I’ll be putting a case eventually, it wouldn’t really matter. I just thought that it looked newer because the silver iPhone 5S is exactly like the silver iPhone 5.

 My volleyball has been horrible as of late. I have not been working out as well. :-( I really need to reboot things when I get back to Cincinnati and get back in my routine. Also, I am excited for the rest of October and November to pass by so I can just be with family and friends in the Philippines in December.

This is a good thing!


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