I can’t believe that it’s already November! I have not blogged much in October and it is such a shame because I had some emotional ups and downs that I should have written down. Oh well, the moment has passed but knowing my life, they will come back for sure. But, in general, October has been very good to me. After I got home from California on Oct 5, I did not have to fly again! I was able to do my old routine again. A change perhaps would be an impromptu trip to Indianapolis to finally see the city before the weather becomes too cold. The fall colors are starting to come in as the trees change their color. I finally switched doctors – both PCP and dental – so I do not have to drive to West Chester. What else? I think that’s it pretty much that’s kinda interesting.

Now that it’s November, I’m sorta panicking a bit. I’m flying out to the Philippines for my vacation, but I feel that I’m not yet ready with all the things I need to buy/pack/sort out. I’m also flying one last time to California for 4 days for some project celebration activities. Yes, I’m celebrating that! Between that, I have roughly just around 3 weeks to sort everything out. Some things have been purchased already, but I know I still need to do some more shopping for things I need to bring to the Philippines. I have to be mindful though with the cost since December might bleed me dry financially. Oh well, I did not really do a big vacation this year so that’s that now.

Since the year is about to close, it’s also the time to start on planning out 2014, and also have a review on what I have accomplished in 2013. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m already excited about 2014! Of course, I do not really know yet how the year will pan out eventually, but there are just possible good things that will and might happen next year. As a teaser (nothing set in stone yet) for things I’m looking forward to, here’s a rundown:
– Book of Mormons in January!
– A new role back in my first account at work. It’s good to be back!
– SF Pride and Chicago trip with Danuel
– A possible 1-week vacation to London
– Maybe finally have my PERM approved and go to Step 2 with the GC process
– Joining a volleyball league

Can’t wait!


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