Midweek Update

I got inspired by my friend Kathy in posting midweek entries chronicling thoughts, and things that have happened. I figured Thursday would be a good day since I should have 4 days in and another post on Sundays to cap off the week. The challenge as always is finding the inspiration in actually writing down my thoughts and making something out of my sometimes-boring life. Let’s see how long I can keep up with this because the idea is pretty good especially that I felt that I was not examining my life close enough. Hopefully, this will help me put things in perspective and enable me to really self-reflect.

– I decided to finally take the bus again going to Downtown. Since I took on the PM role for my CA project, I was working in PST hours and it did not make sense for me to catch the bus (last bus leaves at 8:15AM). Since my allocation lessened, and I am finally rolling off, I took the bus last Tuesday once again. It’s fun to get into my routine once again. I love taking the bus because it is so convenient and I can just relax not getting stressed with the traffic. I can also catch up in things I usually read — blog, magazines, Facebook, Twitter and book.

– I read an interesting article titled “When Being Alone Turns Into Loneliness, There Are Ways to Fight Back” from WSJ. It’s a pretty good read and it actually hit home a bit. I’ve been known to be having bouts of loneliness. Being alone and single here in the US can be tough and you get to overthink sometimes. It’s good to know that being lonely is normal. A striking quote here is this — “You are creating the experience of loneliness by how you are thinking and behaving.” I’d say I’m on the right track when I was trying to be content/happy even when alone. I just need to do this more and be more grateful.

– I think my game is really improving lately. I’ve been consistently training in the gym, and I’ve been adding more plyometric exercises by doing Step Aerobics. I feel better and quicker in the court lately. I guess that’s working. I’m dreading that I’m gonna be ruining all the progress because of my vacation, but that’s the opportunity cost I am willing to pay just to see friends, family and experience a Filipino Christmas/New Year once again. I can’t wait.


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