It still feels a bit strange not to be in the other project. I officially rolled off from that account last Friday, but I still dip my hands in some of the things I left behind. Old habits die hard I guess.

I tried playing in this volleyball meetup up in Mason last night. OMG. I was completely caught off guard by the level of play they are in. I guess I can say that I experienced an A-level kind of play and that is really way out of my league. It was just too much for me to be honest. As usual, it was a bit awkward (since it’s my first time going there knowing no one) and a bit unnerving because they are so good and I had to step up a bit (honestly, I was terrible last night). I’ll probably skip that meetup until the level goes down a bit, or my level goes up. The good thing about it is that it fueled me to focus more in improving my skills. I have this jump manual that I need to be seriously applying in my workout routine. Maybe a pet project while in Manila?

Speaking of Manila, I can’t believe that it’s almost there! The last time I went home (that’s weird to say) to the Philippines was in Jan 2012. So, it’s practically two years since my last visit. I’m really excited meeting with old friends, and family, but I’m kinda dreading the traffic, pollution and how things will be busy all the time to maximize the whole month. Let’s see how that will play out, but I think the pro beats the con by a mile.

My friend Ronald suggested Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn as a good read and so it was. It’s one of the un-“put down”-able books that just grabs you. I love the writing style, and the story. [SPOILER INCLUDED] I love Amy and her patience, precision and shrewdness. She is brilliant, but still flawed. I’m amazed how patient she was and it’s something I’d like to emulate somehow — not the perfectly doling out punishments. [SPOILER END] And, a movie based on the book is being made by David Fincher (Fight Club, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)! I wonder how that will turn out. Ben Affleck is going to be Nick. I’m still on the fence on that but we will see how that will turn out. I still need to read The House of Hades. It’s an easy read so I’ll just have to pick that up some time and finish it off.


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