8 Days After

I had 6 of my teeth extracted last Monday (Dec. 9). It was a planned activity post-Boracay and did not even set anything for that week due to the expected swelling of my face. As I mentioned in my previous post, there was no bad swelling and I was actually out and about with my parents the next day. However, one unfortunate side effect happened — trismus or more popularly known as “lock jaw”. Apparently, the trauma caused by the wisdom teeth extraction and having your mouth open for a long time can cause your mouth muscles to spasm and shut. For the past week, after my soft diet due to the operation, I had to continue with the soft diet because I can’t put big pieces of food in my mouth. Travesty, right? I went to my dentist yesterday (one week after) and he prescribed me a muscle relaxant. I can open my mouth a bit bigger today so that’s good news, but I’m not yet back to normal operations. Hopefully, today is the day when it is back to normal.


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