Setting up 2014 and beyond.

2013 felt like it was a starting point of sorts. There were some changes that happened in my life that served as seeds for the future. All I need to do is to cultivate them and see it grow. I had some changes in work and I feel that I could push through a specific direction. I pushed myself in unchartered areas in my personal life and that totally surprised me as well. They felt like experiments to see what else I can do. For 2014 and beyond, I wanted to be more aggressive in my annual goals, but at the same time, work on medium-term and long-term goals — something I have not done.

For 2014, here are some of the goals I want to achieve:

-Financially, I will be keeping the same savings/investment target that I made in 2013. This might even be a challenge due to unexpected expenses for my parents. I’d also like to actively allocate $$ for vacation based on the number of vacation days I have in a year. Finally, I crunched some budget numbers that I like to stick to. The plan is to set some data on how I earn and spend my money and see how I can improve them within the next few years.

-Career-wise, I want to be more active within the organization by joining initiatives or owning up some processes within the team. I haven’t been very visible and I’d like to focus on that better in 2014. I also want to continue to grow my technical and project management skills. Time and time again, I come to realize that the work that I like is something that combines technical and project management. It has always been my strength and I want to play more in this area.

-As for my health, I did the Whole30 and my no syrup coffee drinks last year. It provided great benefits to my health and I’d like to continue doing my modified Paleo diet and my minimal-to-nil sugar intake. I want to also focus on my volleyball by increasing my vertical leap. I am planning on executing some programs tailored to increase jumps. Finally, I’d probably put more of a conscious effort in improving my muscle ratio. Vain as it sounds, I do want to look good. 

-As for the other personal enrichment goals that I have, I am writing down some targets:

•    Watch at least 52 movies

•    Get at least 3 vacations

•    Read 15 books

•    Blog at least 5 times a month

•    Learn a new hobby

•    Finish 4 games

The ultimate goal is to be happy on my own. I need to find what makes me happy and cultivate that further. At the same time, I want to secure my future by making sure that I can be financially independent, healthy and have a good career. I hope to continue building on this basic fundamentals and see how I can learn more about myself and so-called limitations.


2 thoughts on “Setting up 2014 and beyond.

  1. Those are fantastic goals, Ryan! A lot of them are concrete enough to measure success versus failure, while not being SO stringent that you’re immediately setting yourself up for failure. Good work~

    1. yeah! I try to do that and have an Excel file to make sure I’m on target. I follow the S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) guideline in goal setting. It has always served me well in my personal/work endeavors.

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