Back in Cinci

Good news, I am back in the US safe and sound. Unfortunately, there is still winter that I have to contend with in the next few months. I already got my first big snow fall last Thursday. That means scraping off the snow and ice that have enveloped my car. Pfft. And, then we are gonna get subzero temperatures tomorrow and Tuesday. For tomorrow, we will be getting a high if -2F (-17C) and a low of -9F (-22C), and on Tuesday, we will get a high of 10F (-11C) and a low of 7F (-13C). I think this is going to be my first time ever to experience this kind of cold because I’ve gotten mild winters since 2011. And, I’m thankful in a way that I do not live in Winnepeg where temperature was recorded at -23F. Fake cheer.

I had a bit of a scare before I left the Philippines because one of the wisdom teeth extraction sites got infected last Monday. The right side of my face swelled a bit and my improved lockjaw was back to its original bad state. I also had to miss a meetup with friends because of fever and an ordered bedrest due to another round of antibiotics I was taking. Such is a life. I’m off the antibiotics now and I’m starting on Myonal for my lockjaw which I hope gets fixed by next week. *crosses fingers*

I played some volleyball yesterday at LA Fitness. The last time I played before that was in the last week of November so I was really off my game. I was also trying to play easier because I did not want to overexert and have a relapse of whatever infection happened a week ago. Good news is that I did not really suck in my game. I was definitely off my usual game, but I guess I have to rebuild that back in the next few weeks. That should keep me focused in the next few weeks while I still think of other activities I want to do during the winter.

Overall, I’m in good spirits except for the chilly weather and jetlag. It’s not as bad as when I was in the Philippines but waking up at 3AM is just ridiculous. Hopefully, I shake this off soon and get back to normalcy. I’m excited for 2014, and I hope things are great! :)


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