What A Week

Time for some updates!

– Polar Vortex. I finally experienced *real* subzero temperatures. It’s something I do not want to repeat again because it was just too damn cold even if I was at home with my heater set at 72. It was still cold. It did not stop me though from going out. I played volleyball at Madisonville, which was a pretty OK day for me.

– Volleyball this week started from OK to just terrible. I did not play very well at all. I guess not playing and working out for a month took its toll. It’s time to hit the gym more religiously again and sticking to my Paleo diet. I’ll probably cheat some days, but I really need to work on my fitness again and hopefully see some gains in the court.

– A part of me wishes that work is a bit busier. I’m still not in executing mode so that kinda sucks. I’ll probably have to reach out to people to see if there will be heavier work lined up for me. This can’t keep on especially with some layoff news spinning around once again. Shudders.

– No news yet regarding the GC. I followed up with the lawyers but still nothing. I’m crossing my fingers that I get a better update next week. It’s really making me a bit anxious. So close, but not there yet.

– LSS of the week is still Let It Go. I’ve been playing it in repeat for the past few days since I watched Frozen. Yes, I’m addicted.

– I watched Bridegroom last night and I can’t help not to cry with the story of Shane and Tom. It was very touching and heart-wrenching. I don’t really get why people are so afraid of this type of love. Love is love and we should really celebrate it. Progress, world! We need to move forward and embrace it! If you are interested, it’s in Netflix.

PS: Next week, I’m gonna start posting things I’m grateful about. I need to remind myself that my life might suck in my opinion, but in the greater schemes of things, I’m still lucky.


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