What a Week!

The week felt a bit better because the temperature was not very terrible at all even if we had snow — like today, another snow day. Also, it was a long weekend so it was pretty relaxing.

– I watched Her last Tuesday (Discount Days!) and it was fantastic. I don’t know, but I felt excited about the concept of humans being able to create that kind of AI that is so advanced, it can even go beyond humans. It was a nice depiction of human relationships and the human condition.

– I also caught Looking‘s first episode. It was OK, but I am still not on the fence. I think the treatment was so gritty for me considering that SF felt very bright and vibrant for me. I dunno. I’m also hooked with House of Cards. I’m five episodes in and I still have a long way to go. :) Since I got Aereo (finally in Cincinnati!), I’m able to record some shows I follow and watch it at home. I love it.

– I finally got some emails from my lawyers about my green card processing! It. Is. Moving. I am very ecstatic about it, because it is becoming more of a reality day after day. I just need to complete my vaccines this week and finish my medical exam by the civil surgeon, then I can submit all the documents to the lawyers. A dilemma I had earlier last week was if it was prudent to actually shell out some $$$ to have this processed in premium. After all thinking, yes. It’s my investment to my future.

– Volleyball felt better as the days go by. I still have not regularized my gym schedule though which sucks. Speaking about gym, I was able to renew it with my Urban Active rate! In 2011, they offered a deal that if you pay 1 year in full, you get another for free. So, it came out as $16 per month for the next 2 years! Good deal!

– My mom called me last night that the growth in my dad’s bladder can be treated via laser and it’s not malignant which is good.

All in all, the week was pretty good and I hope the trend continues on.


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