Weekly update

It’s another week that has gone by and it has been pretty productive so far. I wish I’m busier at work, but I know I shouldn’t be complaining about my idleness. When real work comes, it’s going to pour. I checked on some of my goals and I think I need to really be more active on it and really find ways to make them work.

– I’m finally done with season 1 of House of Cards. I cannot wait for the second season to be available at Netflix on Feb 14. It just gave me a fresh appreciation of relationships that matter and how our ambitions and values shape our decisions and our lives. It also made me realize that I am enraptured with the idea of a relationship in its ideal sense, but i might not be really up for all the commitment, compromises and adjustments required for a relationship to work. I am still at that point of my life where I appreciate the freedom of being able to do things I want to do whenever I want to. I’m not closing my doors on relationships, but I just really need to find the right person for it.

– I’m surprised how one day can change my game in volleyball. Friday was such a bad day for me in the court. Almost all my passes were terrible and I couldn’t really deliver well. I had a few great digs but nothing to really celebrate about. Saturday though was way better. I had great hits and my reception was not as bad as Friday. It’s still a work in progress and I intend to really focus on this in the next few months.

– I finally sent all documents needed for my green card processing the lawyers. It’s exciting but at the same time I am a bit nervous about the whole process. I just hope this gets done as soon as possible so I can also have a better sense of stability here. I will continue to update and follow up. I just want to put it out there so I can be accountable and really work on it.

– I am grateful of heat. It is very simple for others but living through my first real winter here in Cincinnati made me realize how much I love it. The wintry weather is just unappealing to me. I hate scraping off the ice from my car so I can use it. I hate needing to bundle up even at home just to keep warm. I hate the extra effort needed to just survive winter. It even made me hesitate with my plan to move to Chicago someday. So heat is good and something I’m really grateful about here.


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