It’s February!

I just finished a work meeting a few minutes ago and I’m supposed to plan how to frame the rest of the day to be productive. There’s really nothing much else to be done today but prepare for my potential 530am meeting. So I have some free time now before I heat my chicken afritada that I cooked last night. I’m hungry.

First shout out is February! I can’t believe that it’s already the 2nd month of 2014. I felt that January just breezed by and I am not complaining a bit. I am really hoping for spring to just come sooner so this bitter cold and potential polar vortexes would also end. I like cold, but subzero temperatures are just ridiculous. I expect that February will be quick as well because it is just 28 days and we have an upcoming holiday too! I can’t wait!

My January targets have been off so far. Savings, and budget were totally big fails but that was expected because I still had to pay off my vacation expenses and I paid some GC-processing-related expenses. I was able to watch 11 movies so far and I have 2 DVDs that I’ll watch later tonight. Fitness-wise, it was really about rebuilding the base. So I was not counting on any good results there. Yes, I still suck in volleyball lately.

Speaking of volleyball, my right knee is bothering me. It started at the tail end of the Saturday volleyball at LAF. There was an instance where I quickly dove to ground for a ball and felt a sharp pain. I tried to walk it off and it kinda disappeared, but when I bend my knees really low, I would feel some pain. I tried doing some squats yesterday and felt it again so I stopped. I iced it when I got home and I’ll probably lay low for a few days — no volleyball til Thursday or Friday. :-(

I had a very good discussion last Saturday night with some good friends. It was perfect timing because I was feeling a bit low for the past few days. It might be because of the weather (S.A.D.) but it was something I needed to kinda lift up my spirits. We were talking about being Asian/Filipino here in the US. It was more of what are our cultural traits that sets us apart which are seen as weaknesses and strengths (truth or not, it depends), and how we are perceived by other people. It made me feel grateful on being who I am and made me realize that we should own who we are and not allow us to completely alienate or assimilate to another culture. You bring in something on the table, and you have the mental capacity to discern and decide what you need to adapt or not. I would probably write more about that in future posts.


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