The Weekly – 2/17.

It’s President’s Day here! That means it is a holiday. I’m trying to make the most out of it because there are just a few holidays here and the next one will be Memorial Day in May. Mental note: plan some vacations before May to have some break.

I mentioned a week ago that I was doing Yoga every Monday and volleyball every Tuesday. I tried yoga at LAF Oakley with JT and it was pretty intense. I was caught off guard and just wanted to drop dead with the high level of yoga there. I will be trying out again later and hopefully, I survive that considering that Nicki said that it was less intense last week. Buh. Then, last Tuesday, I played volleyball at OTR. The game was pretty good, but the location was pretty scary. Walking at OTR alone at night is not my favorite thing in the world. I’m planning to try it out again tomorrow but I might need to park closer to the Rec Center and not at Findlay Market. Since I’m in the subject of volleyball, last Friday was just terrible. Stupidly brave me decided to go to Corryville even if it was snowing like crazy. I was able to reach the rec center easily, but going home was just scary! My car got stuck in the middle of the intersection, and my brakes almost failed me when approaching a red traffic light. It was an interesting experience, and hopefully, I do not get to experience that again. But, I also do not want to put my life on hold because of snow. Let’s see how this will go.

 I watched Ender’s Game last Friday night. It was OK, and thought it was a bit weird. I like the premise, but some parts of the movie became just too ridiculous. I might give the book a chance and see how this will be. The movie just worked differently based on the stuff I read in the internet. And, yesterday, I finished all 13 episodes of the House of Cards – Season two. It was amazing like the first season. It’s a shame that I have to wait a whole year before I can watch it again. One thing that resonated with me was ruthless pragmatism. I like the specific description. I find it sexy and powerful. Do I want to be one? I do not think so. I value personal connections too much and I have a high desire to be liked by other people. I might be calculating and goal-oriented, but not to the expense of sacrificing personal relationships.

 The Supper Club finally got together last Saturday. My Pansit was a bit salty but generally successful. And so is my leche flan. It’s funny that most of them have not seen each other for months except for me. I practically saw most of them in the past few weeks. There goes my kaladkarin tendency again. And, that’s on my gratitude list this week. I like maintaining personal relationships that matter and I’m thankful that I have good people around me who are able to share their thoughts, and experiences with me. 


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