Weekly – 02/23

 There are many things that really made me feel good about this week. We got a very nice warm weather. Who would have thought that 60s in February could happen?! I am really looking forward for spring to roll in and enjoy the sun.

There were also some wins that I am grateful for this week. The best news I got this week is that my GC paperwork got filed this week. The Firm confirmed with me last Wednesday that they have submitted my papers. It is another round of paperwork but it is one step closer to finally resolving all of this. Once I get my GC, I would feel more secure and stable here. I’m crossing my fingers that things run smoothly and quickly in my favor! :-)

I also finished my 2013 taxes. I’ve filed all of them — Federal, Ohio and Montgomery. It blows my mind how much is taken out of my paycheck for taxes, but at the same time, I feel grateful for receiving good public service here. I don’t have any problems in paying taxes to the government because I honestly believe that it is my social responsibility.

As for work, I’m getting into some new project work while my real work finally kicks in. I am just helping in with some support work while the real team gets in. I really need to bug the other boss on my project because it has not started yet. It is making me a bit anxious especially during these times of uncertainty with where I work for. The Q1 results came out this week and it’s not very rosy in our business unit. Self-Preservation 101 — don’t appear to be on bench.

A sad event this week is bidding farewell to JT — one of my friends here in Cincinnati. He has decided to move to the Philippines and start a new adventure there. It’s nice to know that there are still some big risk takers out there who would move the heavens and earths to achieve personal happiness or love. It makes me a bit sad that he goes because that’s a minus one to my list of friends here, but I also have to face the reality of transience in our lives. I need to learn to live more in the moments and live life to the fullest — a work in progress as always. Knowing JT even for a short time is what I’m grateful for this week.


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