Weekly – 3/3

This weekend reminded me how it is still winter. We got a winter warning and got a dose of freezing rain and snow. I really cannot wait for spring to waltz in so we can get more warmth and I can actually enjoy the sun outside. I’d love to just go to Swaim Park and read a book under the sun. That would be lovely and relaxing. I should not wait long enough because March has finally waltzed in. Yey! I just hope the warm weather kicks in as well because this cold business is getting ridiculous.

Work-wise, I finally got a project! Finally! I was doing some technical work last week (including the weekend) and it really motivated me. It made me happy to actually be productive again and have some long term work to finally flow in. I’m gonna put on my PM hat once again, and I need to apply lessons from previous mistakes, and do best practices for those that made work bearable and effective. It’s a new exciting time. I also need to start working on one of the self-improvement initiatives at work. I still have not nailed down my purpose statement so I should start doing that soon.

Yoga has been good to me. It kept me relaxed and put my mind at ease. the side effect is that I feel that I’ve been moving slower in the volleyball court. For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing yoga on Monday nights, and then volleyball on Tuesdays. My volleyball game is usually screwed up. My trial this week is to do yoga on Sunday and then weights on Monday. I’ll have to check if my game improves tomorrow. Yoga yesterday was relaxing. It did not feel rushed and LAF Kenwood was not busy at all. I do not know if it is because of the freezing rain/winter advisory, or it’s just a normal Sunday crowd. I’ll see next Sunday.

On the personal front, the best news I got is that Step 2 got approved in my GC journey. I got worried a bit because the status in the website was kinda off. It was talking about a change of address and I did not even do that. Then, on the Feb 28, I woke up with a text update that Step 2 got approved. Now, I’ll just have to wait out Step 3 and be patient. Hopefully, there’s no hitch here and I can finally get it.


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