Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Yesterday, I think I finally nailed a coffin to one of my “friendships” I’ve had. It did not even faze me though which is weird because I treasure each relationship I share with people that have really impacted my life. I thought that the time we shared would be enough for me to be gutted, but it did not even scratch anything at all. But like I told him, I’ve gotten over it months ago when he went AWOL so I guess, there’s really nothing to cry about.

It makes me realize how transient we are in life. People can come and go and that is each and everyone’s prerogative. There’s no right or wrong reasons. People move on and they can change. Even that happens to me (proof: this). Talking once or twice a year is just insufficient to maintain a healthy friendship. It is about sharing the journey in life. And, distance is not even a factor here. I’ve sustained amazing friendships long distance and I think they are stronger than ever. It is work but it is worth it. If you do not put any effort to it, you can easily become strangers to each other and move on finding new interests or relationships that matter to you right now.

Enjoy the memories, work on what matters, and move on. So, sorry, but I’m not sorry.


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