Weekly – 3/16.

It’s already the middle of March! Days just fly by so fast that I feel that I cannot keep up sometimes. But, that also means that spring is just right around the corner and I am über happy with it. Di ako naka-post ng entry last week unfortunately. I had some good ideas but I just got lazy with posting them. I really need to get this writing down ideas/thoughts regularized so I do not get these mental blocks and laziness. I have time, I just cannot find time for this. Blech.

Volleyball + Heartstrong. First thing — congrats to the Ateneo Lady Eagles for winning the volleyball championship in UAAP. It was really good news to wake up and read that Ateneo won considering they were the underdogs coming in the Final Four. They had to win against DLSU three times in the finals just to get the championship. It’s really about Heartstrong. Puso. You need to believe to win and actualize it. You’ve put in all the effort, and sacrifices so you should reap the benefits. And, I’ve been trying that mantra as well personally. I think my game has improved immensely and I am so happy with the discipline I’ve put in as well training regularly. But, the flipside is fatigue has really been bogging me down lately.

Green Card. No news for now. It actually makes me a bit anxious this week because the next step should be getting the Fingerprinting notice. It’s 3 weeks in but I still have not gotten any news about it. Some people have gotten them already and scheduled in the next few weeks. So, I just hope that I will get some news this coming week. If not, I’ll have to make a SR so I can know what is going on with my application.

Work. I think I blogged before that I got a project, but the latest development I got about that is that I am not getting that specific project. I’m getting in another project and I think this is more challenging. I still do not know what to feel about it kasi I still do not have enough information. I’m a bit nervous though because the scope seems to be challenging. I need to write down these thoughts so I can put some action steps to calm myself and hopefully, this does not blow.

Finally, I really feel tired especially today. After yoga, I just headed home and fell asleep. I woke up after an hour to eat lunch and then slept again for the whole afternoon. I think this is my body screaming at me that I should rest a bit. I have been doing some sort of physical activity every day. There’s yoga, volleyball and weights. So, I might take a few days off for my body to actually recuperate. I started off canceling my Tuesday volleyball this week. Let’s see if this will help. I don’t know how other people can do it. Do they want it more, or am I just not doing something. Right now, I’m already in bed and ready to sleep (time check: 9:11 PM). Yes, I am really tired.


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