Design Fixation.

I get frustrated with feel and look. I’m a big supporter of clean and minimalist design and I regularly struggle with that in terms of my blog, my email signature/font, and presentations. My problem is that I get this fixation on making things “look right”. I can spend hours just to “perfect” something and I get a bit taken aback if something I’m seeing is just weird. For example, I find Comic Sans too weird to see in a business email. I hope I’m not alone on this one.

For the past hour, I’ve been tinkering with my blog theme and ended up using Suits… again. I do not know how long this will take but I do not understand the current obsession with these LARGE fonts in the free themes available. Anything size 11 and beyond is just big for me already. I hope they churn out a theme with a relatively small font for me so I can finally stick to one. Better yet, I wish I can just freely customize the blog font for free and not pay for custom design. I might have case of OCD with font, but I’m too cheap to shell out $99 just to make my font smaller.

Self-made.. Life problems. Gah.

 Quick Edit: I’m now in 2012 theme. Yeah, that changed fast. 


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