Weekly. 3/30

I’m taking a quick break in finishing a bunch of trainings being required by The Company (TC). Most of the stuff I know already through practice, but I need to do some assessment exams as well so I need to take the trainings again and it is taking some time. The good thing though is that I can file them as PDUs for my PMP credential. I might actually hit my 60 PDUs early on after going through all of these trainings and other knowledge sharing sessions I regularly attend this year. In a way, Another positive spin is that these self-enriching activities further develop my skill and make me better. So, all in all, it’s a win for me. Speaking of becoming better, I’ve been reading tips and tools that helped other project managers succeed. I’m confident with my skills, but I know that there are always opportunity areas that I need to work on. One thing I learned in managing projects is that I do not have all the answers and I also need help. 

I’m still adjusting to work. I’m putting in extra hours to cope and make sure that I get things right. The time zone is not ideal to be honest. It makes it tough that I can only work with them in the afternoon. I’ve tried to adjust my time earlier, but I do not think my body can take a 3AM start of work long term. I’m still thinking how to properly manage that. I’ve been hearing some small issues cropping up but they are not showstopping ones as of now. I need to cut it early and take control of the story. Let’s see how things will line up. 

Other than work, nothing is really happening in my life that’s a bit exciting. I’ve been settled to my routine of volleyball, work, and yoga. I should not really complain about it because this is comforting for me. I’ve always wanted routines and a semblance of order so I should take this. I’ll probably introduce some small changes there and there and I need to plan them carefully. Right now, I am heavily considering moving apartments this year. I really, really want a dog and I cannot keep one in my apartment. My lease will end in October but I would need to send in a notice by August at the latest and then find a new place by October. This also means that I am looking to stay in Cincinnati indefinitely. This should keep me anchored more and I’m so excited about that. :)



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