Weekly. 4/8

Ok, this is coming in late but better late than never, right? Last week was awesome because there were loads of things that happened that I consider good. Top of the list is that I finally did my biometrics appointment for my GC! I went to USCIS last Wednesday and submitted my fingerprints, picture and signature. If I do not get any issues, I should get my GC soon! I am so happy about it. It’s now a waiting game so I will just have to be patient and see how quick this will be. 

I also picked up my friend Irene from the airport! She’s been in the Cebu since October so I was pretty happy to welcome her back here in Cincinnati with Amaia, Matias and her mom. It’s been pretty quiet here when she was gone and now, I can have my “partner in crime” once again in eating out, shopping or just cooking in. 

Work has been very tiring, but I feel motivated to actually trudge on day-by-day. I talked to Dave about it earlier. Even if I feel that my task list is ever-growing and I see new risks/issues cropping up, I still feel energized because I see progress. I see things getting accomplished, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. The idea that all of the things I do and manage is directed to something with an endpoint makes it more palatable and gives me the extra oomph to stand up and move forward. 

Last Friday, I went out again after such a long time. I think the last time I really went out was last year in Diamond Palace and it was very meh. It’s my first time to go Below Zero and it was a bit interesting to see very familiar faces from the past. Two in particular were good friends of someone I dated before. I did not greet them or anything because I’m just like that. I mean, I really do not know how to be cordial at the very least with them since the last time I really talked to them was 2 years ago. It’s just weird. Also, I think age is catching up on me… really! With work, volleyball, and working out, going out is just really tiring. I’d definitely go for more volleyball and gym time rather than head out til 2AM! 

On a more personal note, well, I’ve been talking to someone lately but I do not really know what this is yet. It can lead to something and I do like to think of that possibility. It’s strange that I do not have much reservations even if there are some things that would have made me think twice and run away. There’s this inexplicable connection that I’d like to explore and see where it goes. Yes, I’m good with that for now. 


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