Weekly. 4/14

I’ve been very late with my posts lately, and it’s entirely my fault to be honest. I’ve taken Lazy Sundays to the extreme by not doing anything productive at all. Well, I do count my yoga class to be the only shining beacon of Sunday, then everything after that is just spent in bed and trying to catch up on some sleep. What’s weird though is that I have been sleeping 7 hours every day but I still feel very tired. I rationalize this with the earlier and intense work schedule, plus fitness time as well. I’ll get used to it, or my body will give up. Let’s see which comes victorious.

So this week has been very good to me at work. I received amazing feedback from my customer and I got it through my manager. It’s good to feel validated that what you are doing actually makes sense and also recognized. This is good, and the right motivation for all the stress I’m enduring. Yes, this is worth it.

Volleyball for me is just inconsistent. My game was really off last Wednesday, but my Monday and Thursday were relatively good. I really need to work on consistency and getting more confidence inside the court. I was hitting really good tonight so it was really nice. The trade off is that my reception is just plain terrible. I really need to work on that, and see how I can improve further. Tomorrow is my rest day, so I’ll just be at home trying to catch up with some more work, or I’ll probably head to Rookwood to try to be connected to the world and work from there. Let’s see where inspiration will bring me.

Last Saturday, we finally did our pot luck! I made dessert this time with Leche Flan and Mango Ice Box Cake. I was supposed to get some Lemon Daffodil from BonBonnerie (it’s the cake of the month), but Irene wished the mango ice box. I bought a case of mangoes (a steal!) from Whole Foods that Friday, so it makes sense to actually just make the ref cake. I’ll get this Lemon Daffodil soon!

I think that’s that for now. More updates soon!


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