Weekly / 4-21

It’s the start of the week and I want to start something new. It was tough sleeping last night as some thoughts swirled in my head, but a good dose of coffee earlier is keeping me together and pushing me to move forward. The week went by pretty well. It was Holy Week so there were a lot of OOOs in Europe and Philippines making it a relatively light week. We still had to go to work so it gave me the time to actually focus on some other things for work I needed to do. 

Some highlights this week:

– I got my volleyball shoes exchanged in Amazon. I’ve used it and actually gone over the 30 day rule. But, the problem is that it was really hurting my right foot. I explained my situation and was able to return it. Once I got the refund, I bought the same pair in size 8.5. I played with it last Saturday and it was so much better. I guess the size of the shoes was really the one causing pain. It’s weird though that the other pair I have with Asics as well is size 9 but it fits well. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try 8.5 or 9 all the time moving forward to make sure what works best. 

– I went to Columbus yesterday! It was a good break from my Lazy Sundays. I went to Easton where I met up with Corey and had lunch at Northstar, and then some ice cream at Jeni’s. Easton has changed a lot since I last visited there — according to FourSquare it was Apr’12. The weather was fantastic as well so it felt great being outdoors. After lunch + dessert, I drove to the usual Starbucks I go to in Columbus which was the one near OSU and tried to catch up on work. I highlight tried because Colin decided to drop by to catch up on life! I did some work, but not too much. It’s not too bad since it was really about doing some advanced work for this week. 

– I still feel fatigued on most days lately. :-( I’ve been napping more even if it was 6 or 7PM. I thought it would ruin my sleeping time, but weirdly, I can still sleep at 11PM. If this continues on, I’ll probably have to check with a doctor to see if there’s something wrong. I just find it very strange to feel sleepy and fatigued all the time. 

I’ll put up another post on something that bothered me (read paragraph one) last night later. I just want to make sure I’m not being too presumptive and give things a chance. Then, let’s see.


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