Weekly – 5/18.

Let’s just get this over before I procrastinate again and not write something up here in my blog. So, it’s Sunday, and I feel lazy as hell. I’m currently in bed thinking what I should do today. I skipped yoga again this week. Last week, it’s because I woke up late, but today, my right wrist is still acting up. It’s been bothering me since last Thursday. I can’t rotate it without any pain. I don’t think yoga will help it, so it’s on rest mode now. I might skip weights and volleyball for next week too. Let’s see how it would feel.

My work is just like Godzilla! It’s good, but it causes damage in my life. I’ve been pulling 12 hour workdays just to make sure we follow through on our commitments and just deliver. It is stressful, but I also get some validation that we’re doing a good job, and I’m happy with that. Of course, it does not mean that we should sit back and relax. It actually reemphasizes our combative approach. Hit on the issues and risks and make things work. It’s a Tim Gunn moment y’all.

I just need a break to be honest. I’m too tired and been hammering on things day after day after day. I can’t wait for the end of June to come by so I can take the week off and just spend it with friends without thinking about my project. Let’s see how that will be. 

I’m craving for congee now. I’ve felt feverish since last night so I need a bowl of my go-to sick food. So, I’ll hit Grand Oriental later on before I head to a Starbucks and work (again!). 


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