Weekly. 6/2

I’ve been really tired lately. Getting out of bed has been getting difficult because I’m not really excited to go on with my day. My mornings have been intense and I just feel so overwhelmed with all the work that just keeps on happening. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing. I think I’m good at what I do and I can deliver things. But, I feel like drowning or being called in all directions and I just want to stay put and do nothing. I really need to look forward to something that would allow me to just escape from all of this. I wonder where I can find that? 

Not to be too Debbie Downer… the week was not all terrible. Volleyball kept me sane for the last few days of the week. I swear, the days without volleyball were just slow and dragging. I was able to visit the doctor for my EMG test which did not really push through. The doctor was nice enough to check with my insurance if they need some sort of pre-authorization before I can go through with the test. Apparently, they did so we rescheduled. My right arm is not too painful anymore but it is still bothering me a bit that I do not think I can do yoga again indefinitely. 

Last weekend was actually Cincinnati pride. It’s not very big but it’s not also super bad. JV and I went to Sawyer Point to check it out. It was pretty okay, but it did not really warrant a long stay there. We ended up watching Maleficent afterwards. It was OK overall because it is still a Disney movie. I wish they went to a darker path, and the ending was not too fluffy. Angelina Jolie though is just brilliant as Maleficent. Then, we decided to hit Below Zero. It felt like everyone knew everyone… except me. How I wish I’m not introverted and can easily be friendly with people. #ISTJsigh


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