I decided to take a week off from work and have a vacation. The past 6 months have been crazy for me and I really need some time off from work. I noticed that I was becoming more irritable, ineffective and demotivated. It’s the perfect time for a good change up so I can finally clear my mind and hopefully put some focus again in what I want to do in life. 

The original plan was just to head to San Francisco for Pride with Danuel. I was already set to head back home to Cincinnati after that, but fuck it, I booked another trip. This time to DC. That will be my vacation from my vacation! I am expecting this weekend to be really busy and crazy, and the DC part will be quieter and more leisurely. 

I can’t wait to experience new things. I’ll pull a Queen Elsa this weekend and will just let it go. (CORNY!)

PS: I brought my work laptop and I hope I do not need to use it next week. I need to control my self. 


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