Busy 31.

It has been a very busy few weeks for me. Work has been very crazy and I just never found the time to sit down and really put some updates in my blog. I should have taken a breather and just chill a bit, and not just focus on work. #LifeLesson I’ve been really tired lately because of the amount of time I put in at work. The positive side of this is that I do not dwell much on life thoughts. Yey?

I turned 31 this year. Unlike previous years, I ended up spending it in Cincinnati. I was supposed to go Chicago over that weekend but work was just just too busy (I had to work weekends too!) and I was already dead beat tired. I did not want to complicate it further by heading to Chicago and juggle work, visa appointment and a little R&R time. Yes, work trumped it all. BUT, I did get to spend it with friends.


I went out on Saturday night with JV. Dr. Ryan, and SM in OTR. We tried A Tavola which was OK, then went to BZ for some drinks and dancing. Let’s just say 3 vodka sprites make me very, very happy!


Sunday night was spent with the Boloquis with amazing food. Steak, wine and Whole Foods Tiramisu! Perfect! :) So, it was still a nice birthday weekend for me. It’s not like my NYC or Chicago birthday trips, but it’s a good downtime for me as well.

It’s the last year that I’m in the calendar, and I still feel a bit aimless, but grounded. I know what I want out of life, and I just do not feel that I’m doing something actively to make them happen. I have time to figure it out so just take it day by day and live life! Thanks life for the 31 years… and counting!


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