I really need to blog some more…

I really need to blog some more. I need to just write, write, write and examine how I live life. It’s been a pretty strange few weeks for me because work has totally taken over most of my life. A glimpse of my day —

  • 430am: wake up and then wash up a bit to shake off the sleepiness.
  • 5:00 am: go online already and start working.
  • 6:00 am: prepare breakfast and get ready for work while checking emails, IMs
  • 6:40 am: leave the apartment for the office (bus or car)
  • 7:15 am: arrive at the office and work again.
  • 12nn: lunch break
  • 1:00 pm: work again.
  • 3:30 pm: head home via bus or car
  • 4:15 pm: arrive at home and do some work again while eating a light snack 
  • 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm: post-work life (volleyball, gym, food, TV, etc.)

I’ve been feeling really tired lately because of work and also the physical activities I do. It gets to the point that I say to myself, what’s the point of this? And, that is the million dollar question that I wish I can answer clearly. I wish I can say I’m living for my passion, or for a certain personal purpose, but there’s not. Work is there so I can earn a living and be able to live a comfortable life. Volleyball plays as my break to all the things I do but it’s really taking a toll on my body. I guess I need to research more on conditioning and maintaining my body so I do not suffer in the long term. 

I don’t want to just end this with my usual rant so I want to write about 2 movies I’ve seen that I really enjoyed — Boyhood and Nymphomaniac: Volume 1. It’s weird to see it in the same sentence but those are well-made and well-written movies. I like Boyhood with Linklater’s storytelling of chronicling a boy’s life from his younger age to being an adult. It’s a nice way to put things in perspective on how things affect children, and how they change through age. Nymphomaniac is an interesting one though because even as it is graphic, there’s a sense of sadness in the story of Joe. I like how this volume ended where Joe cried “I can’t feel anything“. It just goes deep as her nymphomania also reflects her life. 



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