Fun times with friends!


The weekend was one of the good ones this year. I was able to spend some time with friends and myself that made me feel less stressed out. I was able to get new experiences that totally blew my mind but at the same time, made me test my limits.

Last Friday, I went to King’s Island for Pride Night. It was so much fun! I was able to go to most rides that I enjoy. Diamondback is still my favorite. The new ride, Banshee, was pretty awesome as well! Of course, company was good and everyone was up for the thrill so that made it extra fun.

The next day, I took the Megabus to Chicago for the weekend. I was due for a visit to the German embassy again earlier. I was out almost the entire first half of the ride because I ended up sleeping at 2am and had to wake up at 6am. But, the stay was pretty cool! I met up with Joel and finally had a “it’s a small world” experience. One of Joel’s friends is the sister of one of my people back in Manila. It was pretty good how we end up getting connected somehow. Saturday night was fun but unfortunately, a public blogpost might not be the best way to share that experience. It’s a private post waiting to happen.

Sunday was more chill and spent it with Joel most of the day. I ended up walking around the Magnificent Mile in the afternoon and took a nap. Chicago is such a lovely city talaga. It’s certainly a desire to move there and experience life.

As for today, I had to wake up early to work but I was able to end early as well due to my German embassy visit. It was pretty smooth and just needed to email 2 more supporting docs then I’m good. If there will be changes to the Cutover dates, I might be screwed. But, I think I can justify to fly to Manila for a biz trip instead. I don’t think I’ll survive managing the cutover from Cincinnati. That’s just crazy.

Bus ride is still ongoing and really thankful for finding awesome people in life. Simple things that people do can really make a big impact. It’s all a matter of perspective. Brian woke up early to bring me to the bus stop and he will pick me up later. There’s Joel who is such an amazing host! I usually get caught up in my personal selfish issues that I ignore that good people surround me as well. It’s all about gratitude and appreciation. So let’s try to continue love love love!


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