Initial thoughts before they go away: I really do not get it. Why do some people have to make something sound like they’re going through a crisis, when obviously it’s not. Is it just to get attention? To be honest, at this point of my life, I really do not have any patience for these kinds of bullshit anymore. It is not high school. It is not a popularity contest. I would understand if it was a moral dilemma, or a big existential problem. But it’s not. I am trying to be empathetic, but I just can not. Ugh.

Anyway, I have loads of things that have been going on in my life. Work has been one big yo-yo. I was supposed to go to Germany (got my visa and all), but plans change and I don’t think that will pan out anymore. It’s not really exciting anymore, especially with all the drama I’ve been to in this project. I really need to gain more experience and knowledge on what I do — especially on the management side. I need to learn how to handle difficult conversations. I need to be less empathetic. I need to be delegate more.

This weekend is pretty nice. The weather was amazing and I went to the Greene in Dayton because there’s really nothing much to do today. It was pretty cool to hang out there especially with this nice weather. My only complaint is that there’s really not much stores. It’s a good alternative to Easton Town Center though.

Something interesting happened today when I was in Books & Co. A stranger just made random conversation and we had a pretty nice chat about stuff. He seems genuine to be honest, but a part of me kinda felt cautious because I am not really used to just talking to some stranger and exchange stories about our lives. Hopefully, it’s all good and not really some kind of scam. Either way, it’s an interesting experience.

PS: I need to write some more.


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