Changing the mindset.

I was trying to find answers why I should continue to strive to be better. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve kinda settled in that zone where I do not think I have anything to strive for. I really do not have big aspirations in life anymore, and that sorta pushes me to some kind of borderline mediocre zone where I just skate around to get by. My gut tells me this should not be the case. This is not who I am. I’ve been a fighter, and a people pleaser. Good enough is not an option because there’s always something to improve. It can always be better.

I know myself, and I’ve always wanted something to be better. I perform self-examination (too much sometimes) and I know my strengths, and weaknesses. I should exploit my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Actually, I should not just want to be better, but really think that I need to be better. There’s no other choice but to help myself to be someone greater than who I am today.

Another rambling post.


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