Weekly / October 5

I can’t believe that it is October already. There are just 2 more months to go and then it is 2015. I really need to start planning my 2015 goals and really keep to it. I made some 2014 goals but I have failed in diligently managing them. I need to devise a system to be able to manage my goals and stick to it. It’s just that when work piles up, it is the first thing to go. Not the best idea to be honest.

Anyway, what’s been going on? Work-wise, my current project is already winding down after being put on hold by my customer. I am getting into s new one and the good thing is that it is nearer to my time zone so I am happy about that. No more 5AM calls! Woohoo. I finally did my self-evaluation for my annual performance review. I don’t know what I will get this year (if I get any rewards at all) but I am not really expecting much. I think I did well this year but I know that I need to work on a lot of things. I am so not ready for prime time.

This weekend’s weather is just blah. We are in the 40s and I am not ready for this. Yesterday, Irene and I went to the Luxottica sale. We had to line up at 6am in the low 40s. It was not a fun 2 hour wait. I got some good deals in the sale though. I bought a D&G sun glasses which are awesome and cheap and another pair of my everyday glasses in Oakley. I got each at $38. I really love this about America. Amazing sales!

Another thing I’ve restarted is the 100 Push-ups program. I did that before but decided to start this again because my volleyball game has been terrible. I need to physically condition myself better. So far I feel stronger already which is a nice feeling. My explosiveness is lagging though so I need to do more plyometrics and sprints in the gym. It’s all about focus and commitment. If you want something, you’ve gotta work for it.

Other notable shoutouts this week:
– my mom celebrated her 60th birthday. She’s officially a senior citizen with all the discounts that come with it in Manila.
– Annabel’s is still awesome.
– I’ve been enjoying doing salads lately. I think that’s why I feel better too. (Random and unfounded correlation)
– I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately — transformers 3, Lucy, neighbors, edge of tomorrow, maybe this time, bride for rent.
– TV shows are back as well! Scandal, How to get away with murder, awkward, the vampire diaries, the voice


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