do you seek feedback outside of work?

Do you seek feedback outside of work? This question made me wonder. In our workplace, we usually have appraisal processes that has feedback mechanisms to get other people’s thoughts on how you did at work. These would be taken into account in coming up with your performance review and determine your strengths, and opportunity areas. But, that’s at work. In our personal lives, we encounter a lot of people who would not usually provide feedback to you if you are doing well or not. Our work selves do not necessarily translate to how we manage our lives. So, how do we improve ourselves other than self-examination?

I am doing an exercise on seeking feedback from some of the people around me informally so I can incorporate that in my self-improvement plan. I already did that for my workmates since this year’s performance review mechanism is just limited to 5-6 people and I worked with 20 people this year.

There should be an app for this… seriously.


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