quiet mornings and more


For the past few days, I’ve been enjoying my quiet and less stressful mornings. My project is drawing to a close and that means no more busy mornings when I chase after folks in Europe. My next project is in Mexico and that only means that I am taking back my mornings! I can leisurely make breakfast and really use my Nespresso without thinking much about work. One of the few things I am grateful with.

The weekend has been pretty busy for me. Other than my normal volleyball schedule, I was able to do some shopping for the care package for my parents. Since I do not have plans of going to the Philippines this December, a balikbayan box should do it. It’s not the same, but it’s the thought that counts right? Anyway, I visited Costco twice this weekend and I really love this place! You always get good finds here!


There’s also a pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing like crazy. The problem is that it’s $125 and I do not know if I can calm my thoughts to go through with the purchase. I just find it too expensive. I do not spend so much for shoes because I do not really take care of them. I drag my feet, and I do not clean them enough. Maybe if I get a pricey one, I’ll take care of him (my head thinks no). Let’s see!

My mom told me last night I was looking more trimmed and that is music to my ears. I have been trying to focus on my workouts, and diet for the past few weeks. I am happy that I am getting some validation here. Volleyball yesterday was also better for me. I felt snappier in my approaches for blocking and hitting, but I still need a lot of work in my ball handling/passing.

I forgot to mention that I watched Gone Girl last weekend as well. I really loved the book and I was thrilled that the movie did not disappoint. I think a big part of it is because Gillian Flynn also wrote the screenplay of the movie and David Fincher has provided good direction based on Flynn’s vision. Rosamund Pike was awesome as Amazing Amy (my muse!) and Ben Affleck portrayed Nick very well too. My friend Dave was not that happy with the ending but I thought it was really apt!


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