thoughts, thoughts.

I do not understand people sometimes. It makes me wonder what goes in their mind when they do things. What’s the motivation behind their actions? It’s just a question that has been bugging me and I continue try to read people on why they do things. Some seem genuine, but others seem to be contrived. Maybe there is really an underlying reason here that I cannot comprehend. And to be honest, I should not really care.

Anyway, on other things… I finally decided to add a rest day in my week. My knees have been sore and I do not want to aggravate it. I’ll probably skip Wednesday volleyball days and use that as my rest day. Monday, Thursday, Saturday will be my volleyball days, and Sunday, Tuesday, Friday will be my workout days. It makes sense in my head, but let’s see how this will translate to reality.

Last Sunday, I visited Oxford, OH and just walked around Miami University and High Street. It was a pretty little college town. It made me want to go back to school and just have a sense of focus and purpose. Of course, it is not easily done. Financially, it’s going to be difficult. Tuition fees here in the US are just too much! And, for sure, I have to shake up my life to fit this in and something definitely has to be sacrificed. Trade offs! I did spend a night researching a few schools before and felt that OSU would be the top contender to get an MBA degree. Wishful thinking.

I’ve also been obsessing with deal hunting! I got an LG Tone + for $31, and most likely will trade in my iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 4S for an iPad Air 2. Best Buy has a good trade in deal there and it seems to be a sensible switch since my content consumption might be better suited with this. Also, forward planning, when I get a new iPhone next year, it’s probably the same size of the 6 which means I have a bigger screen for content consumption on the fly.

It’s just Tuesday. I wish the weekend comes quickly!


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