saturday mornings.

I like Saturday mornings because it is very quiet, and I know that I have another morning the next day where in I can just be relaxed and not think of work. It’s almost November and I really, really feel that time has gone by so quickly. I have this mixed feeling of not doing enough with the time that I have, and enjoying the moment by doing absolutely nothing.

This week, I have received a bunch of the things I have purchased in deals. I got my —
– LG Tone+ which I got for $31,
– my iPad Air 2 that I only paid for $180 after trading in my old iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and a mover’s coupon
– my Logitech iPad Air case for $30 from Costco

I’ve enjoyed getting those good deals, but I really need to stop a bit and save up some more. The holidays are coming right up and for sure, I’ll be spending like crazy again. I already have a gift to myself planned out. I just need to buy it in Chicago. No, it’s not a Shake Shack burger which is opening there! Ha!

I’ve been battling productivity issues during work. Sometimes, I can work well and not be distracted by anything. However, I get days where I just do not want to work and procrastinate. I’ve tried reading some of those insaymadaBuzzfeed posts about motivation, and productivity but they have not really sticked to me. I guess just like Paleo, I need to find the right motivation/lifehack for me.

After a few months, I started baking once again. My first attempt is an ensaymada. It’s one of the few breads that I really really love! I am trying this recipe. I am not sure if it will turn out right but I am crossing my fingers!


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