I still feel a bit off today. I thought that I was already 100% well after my little bout with some fever, sore throat and cough last Tuesday. I still feel a bit weak, and lethargic. I was a bit out of focus while playing volleyball earlier. And the cool weather is really not helping at all. Well, it is November.

It excites me a bit because I know that it is a new fiscal year at work, so that means I kinda start a new slate and I can create new SMART targets and work on achieving them. After another change of manager this year, I just hope that my new manager can help me grow professionally. Also, I am not really closing my doors for opportunities outside the company. Heck, I’d want one especially if it is in one of the locations that I want to move to. I just want something to change for the better in 2015.

Yes, it’s really time to think about the future and see what I really want to do or work on in 2015 in my personal life. I try to create targets/goals every year just to work on my self, but this year has been really a big blah year. I am grateful for the opportunities, but I was not really into it. I did not want it enough I think.

I have enough time to do further self-examination in the next few weeks. I think what I need to really decide is what I want to do this December. I took 3 weeks off, but I did not really plan anything about it. It can just be a staycation and doing some road trips around. Let’s see what my wanderlust (or laziness) will bring me.


One thought on “november!

  1. Good managers that help you grow are really rare. The name of the game seems to be to come up with your growth plan and just coerce your manager to agree to it. Don’t expect too much support.

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