Targets for the day:
go to Costco for a stroll
eat dimsum
go to Whole Foods for milk, and hotdogs
put boxes to the recycling bin
clean up FY13 mail from inbox
– read more of The Leftovers for the book club

Last night, I watched The Usual Suspects. I thought that it was very intelligent, but nothing that really made me feel WHOA. The ending was a great twist, but it did not leave me excited like how Shutter Island did.

Also, I had my first bread making misadventure. I tried to re-do the ensaymada recipe I saw but with half quantities. I don’t know what went wrong and I’ll probably have to ask my baker friends, but it just did not knead properly. I had to throw it earlier when it was hard as a rock.

I still have the cough and it’s quite annoying. I will probably just rest today and workout tomorrow (skipping Monday night volleyball). If Tuesday gets a good number of players, I’ll come out to OTR, and just workout + yoga on Wednesday. I really need to give my body the chance to recover!


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