Once and more.

I’m still in my Once high and I’ve been continuously playing the soundtrack everyday. I wish I can capture it in film and watch it at home. I can dream.

Last night, I watched Mockingjay Part 1 with some friends. Similar to my reaction to the book, it was a bit boring since most of the action really happened when the rebels stormed The Capital. They should not have just split the movie into two. It could stand as one movie, but I guess Hollywood needs some more money making schemes.

I have not really mentioned Interstellar anywhere in my blog even if I’ve seen this already last week. Nolan proves to be a visionary once again, but I thought it was a bit lazy to use the specific deus ex machina. The first 2 acts were amazing and emotional, but the last act felt a bit rushed and bordering WTF is this. I like the science of it and it really made me go gaga with all the astronomy stuff in it.

This week made me more at ease to be honest. I think I still have remnants of the high I felt of having Elle around here. It was very comforting to be able to feel again the kind of relationships I’ve left behind in the Philippines. It’s just so different here in Cincinnati where I feel that I have to fend off for everything! Everyone is just caught up on “making it” or “living life” here that sometimes, you miss the point of having quality connections with people who are willing to share lives with you. Living life independently and not relying on other people are still something I need to focus on, but it’s also good to be able to share some life stories with other people and just freely convey your thoughts/feelings without judgement.

Anyway, it is Saturday and this upcoming week is Thanksgiving week. I should be able to rest more and really listen to my doctor’s request of resting my left knee due to Patellofemoral pain syndrome. I’ll have to manage and wing this because at this point, I really do not want to give up playing volleyball. I’ve purchased a knee sleeve last Thursday and so far, it has stabilized my left knee and did not experience any pain. So for this week ahead, I will rest more, and finish reading The Leftovers. I need to finish it for our book club, and to move on to Percy Jackson! I still have not read Blood of Olympus! Gah!


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