I need a break in reading The Leftovers for my book club at work. I’m hosting this coming week and I need to make sure I actually finish the book. It’s easier said than done because the book is something out of my wheelhouse. I kinda like dystopian future narratives but this is just too emotional for me. I think I can finish it but I really need to put in all the effort I can muster. Side note, one of the guys I played volleyball before (Ben) apparently works here in my Starbucks in Kenwood Rd. Of course, I did not talk to him. Maybe some other time when I feel more social.

So, thanksgiving! This year, I spent it with some of the Latino peeps eating tacos. I never really got into the turkey thing ever. Maybe that’s one of the things I need to check on my list — having a traditional thanksgiving meal with turkey, stuffing, and all that jazz. But, the spirit of thanksgiving is really about finding time to celebrate the things we have. Even if there are things that are not working well in my life, there are also a lot of things that I have. I just have to really balance that viewpoint that I am not in the worst situation in the universe but there’s always room for something to strive for. So, this year, I have loads of things to be really thankful about. I got my green card, I was able to sell my old car and got a new car, I have work that I like and allows me some flexibility, volleyball that keeps me sane, I still have my parents alive, and I have friends that make life worth sharing.

Next year, it’s 2015 and I need to continue my gratitude exercise to be honest. I started it a few months ago but it never really took off. Well, it is 2015 planning so this is probably the best time not only to set targets but think about the strategies to keep them.


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