day 1.

I’m officially on vacation starting today. I took all my leaves for this year, else I would lose them. It’s something I earned, so I should use it. Next year though, I need to be wiser in how I use them because I don’t want to get stuck with 15 days of vacation close to November. But, the good thing is that I have a planned vacation already to the Philippines next year. I am just on the fence if I want to do it during the Christmas holidays. Perhaps, I can just do it after Christmas and spend 2 weeks after all the holiday rush! Yeah, I hated all the traffic, and stress that last year caused. I’ll have to check with my parents on that.

What has happened? Last time I posted something was about Thanksgiving. I finally finished The Leftovers, which was something that did not really appeal to me at the start but eventually, it improved a bit. I did not like how it ended, but I could not also think of anything else to end it in a good note. I did the book club session and I still felt like I was walking in egg shells because the theme is about losing people you know inexplicably, and the loss of our colleague is probably still very fresh in everyone’s mind. It ended up well, and I needed to really improve on rallying people in discussions and engaging them. I need to analyze how I talk with my friends and to other people. Believe me, it is a stark contrast.

Yesterday, we did our cookie exchange for the volleyball group. It was nice mingling with other people because it’s kinda interesting how people deal with others. I still think I need to improve on that especially in small talks and just being able to carry conversation with people around me. Being an introvert kinda sucks in that department. Anyway, the cookie exchange haul is kinda daunting. I am not sure how I would finish all of them and being on vacation kinda limits my exposure to people who might want some of these. Worst case, I’ll ask Dave to bring it to office this week and hopefully, my work mates would want to take a piece (or more!) of these treats.


So what else is in store for me? I have an upcoming Chicago trip this Thursday and I’ll probably head back to Cincinnati on Wednesday. That should be fun since I’ll be dog sitting Sasha, and I can experience Chicago life in the middle of December. I hope I can tolerate the cold and wind and I am already thinking what I’ll bring since it will be very frigid.

I’ll be doing a lot of staycation and just going around town and think about what I want to do in 2015 and plan for it. Maybe do some risk analysis and cost benefit analysis on things I want to work on and start doing since I am dead set in doing some changes in life next year. I just need to be sure of it and commit to it with a plan and drive!


3 thoughts on “day 1.

  1. Mubahay. I am in your home country for a few days before heading for a vacation myself. ;-)

    Yes, these “forced” staycations can suck but it’s also a good time to relax and unwind. Interesting idea of doing cost/risk analysis for personal (I assume) projects.

    1. oooh! that’s good! i hope Hagupit did not ruin your stay in the PH.

      Yeah, I really try to “projectize” my life. As a PM, I find it easier to manage my life that way and makes me feel accountable and in control with what I want to achieve. Getting the intended result is still unsure. :-/

      1. No, Hagupit didn’t cause any problems in Metro Manila from my point of view.

        But as a PM you should also know that some projects won’t be succesful at times. i think that’s ok. You just have to move on to the next one.

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