I. Really. Love. Chicago.

I am back here in Chicago since last Thursday. Irene, the kids and I drove here and I will be staying until Wednesday to tend after Sasha Fur. It should give me an idea on Chicago life if I ever ended up here (WISH!!).


So, what have I done so far? I was mostly with the Boloquis and we just spent a huge amount of time in Mag Mile. I was walking last night there while listening to the Once The Musical soundtrack and I felt that I was in the right place. This is the life I want — living in a diverse city with all good money, the lights and progress. I am not sure if this is something that is achievable but ultimately, it’s something I can see myself. Note, that I also see myself settling down in Cincinnati, but there is some chaos that I also want amidst all the routine life.


Of course, the main purpose of this trip is really to eat at Shake Shack! It is heaven! It’s reason enough to go to Chicago. There’s also Eataly (awesome sweet brioche), and Garrett.


I also got to play volleyball here last Saturday. It was fun to play and just not care for who you are. There are bitchiness, and sororities, but it’s people you can relate with. Even if I was an outsider, I did not feel left out at all. I felt included and part of the community here. I’ll play again tomorrow and see how that goes.


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