Almost over.

Today is my last night here in Chicago. Joel is arriving later on and tomorrow, I will be riding the megabus back to Cincinnati. It’s a good glimpse of life here in Chicago. I was able to tend Sasha while Joel is out. I lived in the Boystown area. I walked around the city in December weather (albeit quite mild based on the locals’ opinion here). I played volleyball at the Center at Halsted. It was a good laid back stay for me that made me love Chicago even more.

Call it rationalization, or whatnot, but the idea of Chicago life got chipped a bit. It’s not the pristine image I had in mind a few months ago. I am seeing some cracks on the perfect image I created in my head, which is probably a good thing because it gives me a better sense of reality here.

For one, I realized that I am more subdued/conservative than I thought. I like how progressive the city is, but it also attracts some interesting people that I will probably not deal with if given the chance. I played volleyball twice here, and I sensed a bit of chaos and bitchiness that I do not get in Cincinnati. It can be that I was just overwhelmed by everything, or a sense of alienation because it’s something I cannot really claim as “home”.

If I would nitpick some more, the effort of having to wait for public transportation that’s sometimes out of schedule can throw your schedule off. I love public transportation and using it here has been pretty cool. It just peeved me a bit that I needed to wait for 15-30 minutes for a bus just to go from Point A to Point B. So, I have to give more allowances for travel time because of that. As said, it’s nitpicking because it’s not really that bad, but something that kinda bothered me a bit.

Of course you have to balance that with a good amount of diversity in the city. Having access to my favorite spots (Shake Shack, Nespresso boutiques, Eataly, Boystown, and soon Uniqlo). There’s an abundance of things to do here that interest me. Just being in the Mag Mile / Loop area can take a whole day already for me.

I guess this trip gave me a better perspective on things, and allowing me to give Cincinnati its props because it is really not bad at all. Moving here in Chicago will not make my life any better than my life in Cincinnati. It is a trade off — you gain some, you lose some.

One thing is for sure though — this is a good vacation break.


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