As a continuation of my last post, I feel more at ease now that I returned here in Cincinnati. I am back in my comfort zone where everything is familiar and easily accessible. I think this kinda gave me a new lease on life here in Cincinnati. I do not look at what I find as deficient about the city, but I am now celebrating what I love about Cincinnati.

For the past few days, I’ve been enjoying going out with friends and around town. Some liquid courage made me more extrovert than usual, and the familiar faces I see around bars have names now and it can usher to something bigger locally. This idea excites me a lot. It made me realize that the city I call home now is not that bad at all. It will never be a Chicago, DC, or Seattle for now, but expectations need to be managed and also look at what the city can offer which I am really thrilled about.

This is comfort for me. This is home.


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