Nearing 2015.

There are just a few more days left for 2014, and the idea of 2015 is very exciting to me. I always like ushering the new year because it’s the always the perfect time to plan new things and work on my self to be better and experience more. It can be any date to be honest, but starting at 1/1 still has some novelty in it.

I’ve been thinking really hard about what I want to take on for 2015. I have some sort of idea on what I want. For example, I really want to have a dog but that will require getting a new apartment (or get a new house), so it really depends on how much I want this to happen. Earlier, I was in my fun step class (not as good as Manila’s, but it’s already good for Cincinnati levels), and realized how I really needed to work on my core. That is already a target for 2015. I think I have been able to nail down what I want, but the problem I had for 2014 was more on monitoring and control.

I did my Excel tracker file but I kinda forgot about it. I will probably need to own this and make this work. I probably will need to simplify and set up alerts so I am able to make sure I can do this. That’s for the tracking part, but what I need to do is how to create preventive/corrective actions. That has always been a bit difficult because honestly, who am I accountable to? If I miss it, it’s just really me who’s gonna beat myself, which is not really much in the greater schemes of things. Compare to that to a project at work where you have stakeholders who keep you accountable. Ah. Moments like this make me really want a partner who can keep me in line. I’ll probably have to resort to negative reinforcements or punishments to make this work. Right now, that’s still a big unknown — a few days before 2015. :-/

I’ll work on my 2014 summary and goals for 2015 in the next few days. So, that should be up soon. I did my annual survey already and I’m just waiting for the days to pass by so I can get that out here.

2015, work with me.


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