2014 – sum up!

Gah, I forgot to write my blog entry for my 2014 sum up because I have been binge watching The Good Wife since last week. I am on the third season of the show now, and there are still 3 seasons to go. I will probably need to pace this out because my mind is turning to mush to be honest. Binge watching hangover sucks.

So how was 2014 for me? If we are just looking at my goals, I practically failed almost all of them to be honest. Financially, professionally, and some parts of my personal areas really did not progress the way I wanted them to be. There were external factors, but I was also not focused in making sure these goals are achieved. It’s something I need to do better in 2015.

Even with that, I felt that it was still a good year to be honest. Top #1 is that I got my green card this year. It gave me a sense of permanence in the US, and reduced my worries. That really made me happy this year. I also got a new car, wallet and a new drive to put change in my life.

So, it was a so-so but very satisfying year.

PS: I’ll put out my goals tomorrow. I wanna watch 2 more episodes of The Good Wife! LOL!


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