Once again I’ve been plagued with inertia and unable to do much other than my routine. I am still adjusting with my normal life where I get a 8-5 job in the office. I think I can give it one more week and I will be fine.

Last week, was a long weekend. Manila of course had a 5-day holiday because of the Pope but I’ll not complain with mine. A holiday is a holiday. I didn’t really spend it out of town since I figured I’ll be vacationing next month in Portland and Seattle. That Monday, I just did a small walk at Sharon Woods. Nothing really earth-shattering but it’s a nice walk there.


This week, my schedule was kinda thrown off. The court at LA fitness was closed so that meant no volleyball last Thursday and Saturday. I don’t know when that will reopen but I think I need it. I want my Fat % to drop down to at least 9. I don’t want to be really lean but I think that 9 seems reasonable… Right?


So last weekend was kinda fun and a bit lazy productive. I finished Blood on Olympus last Saturday finally. I was kinda disappointed how it was written especially the last few chapters. I thought the fight will be more epic but it was not. House of Hades is my favorite. Then, yesterday, Irene, Abu and I cooked some Chinese Lumpia and it was a success. It was so good. The last time I ate this dish was in Dec 2013. It’s really long overdue, but it is so worth it. And now, I saw how it’s made so I think I can do it. I wanna make other dishes that I grew up with in the future so that’s exciting.


There’s really nothing much for me to tell in terms of other things going on with my life. It’s pretty quiet and calm. I want it to be better but my state is not really worth complaining. I need to be grateful and enjoy what I have. It’s all I have after all.


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