Jan 31

Happy Saturday! I feel much better with what’s going on with life and I think it’s because I am already settled with my routine. So far, my personal time and work life are not clashing and that’s pretty good. I had to adjust some bits but all are working well. I just have to let go of Tuesday volleyball and switch that with the Monday volleyball. Madisonville is just closer to my place than OTR. I can do my groceries and other errands on my gym days so they all fit well. Of course, I still think I am racing against time, but it’s not too frustrating anymore.

Volleyball – I played bad on Monday, but I think I did well on Tuesday and Thursday. One thing I have noticed though was that I was getting dependent on caffeine to keep me moving in the games. I just had coco water to keep me hydrated last Monday and Tuesday and after 4 games, I was already losing steam and just wanted to sleep it off. I just need to do more adjustments there I guess. My left knee is still acting up but I don’t think there’s something I can do to fix this.

Work – it’s been going well. I am getting more clarity about what I need to do, but it’s just so boring being in the office most of the day not doing much. I went to the downtown office last Wednesday and it was a good thing. I was trying to find the memory leak in my laptop, and I ran the driver verifier to check if one of my drivers is the culprit. Well, because of that, I got stuck in a BSOD cycle that prevented me from logging in my laptop. I cannot run it in safe mode because I do not have my BitLocker key. I had to re-image my laptop because of that and the onsite IT was as big help in that. Phew!


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