My friends and I were talking earlier about what the right approach is in scoring someone you like — either you exert effort and put yourself out there and be aggressive about the situation, or just be chill and let things happen. For some people, it’s so easy for them. They are likes flowers where they easily attract bees, flies, butterflies and other creature because they are just attracted to them. Most people I think are not that gifted and they have to put some more work than others just to get something. Of course, there are also those who put in 110% effort but will still come up empty-handed – a long entry on this on another time perhaps. This is life and it’s not meant to be fair so you have to roll with it and make the most out of it.

Of course, being me, I was completely honest. I told my friend, you need to put in effort because we’re not like our other friend (he gets a daily dose of hits in those dating apps). He agreed on my thinking, but of course, it’s not as encompassing as it seems. Attraction is still relative. Some will exert effort, and some will not whether they need it or not. I’ve seen hot people who would really go out there and work it. Personally, I am firm believer of putting effort. If you want something, you have to work for it. It’s not 100% sure that you will not get it, but your chances increase in achieving it. I think it applies in almost anything I’ve done, so it has been my guiding principle. Work for it, but do not expect it.


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