It’s February!

January flew by really quick. Too quick to be honest. I did not really prepare much yet on how I plan to achieve my 2015 goals, and that really reflected with my results. It’s not really a great start. That would mean some major corrective actions that I need to do for the next few months or so. So far, I have identified some wins and issues with my goals:

Financials – meh.
Shopping seems to be the bane of my existence. I did not really do great in this area because I had to buy some shoes, and succumbed to sales to fill up my closet with winter clothes. I am assuming I will not add to that, but I will need to account for my Seattle-Portland trip in February, new volleyball shoes, and my plan to have my genetic data read. I’ll have to spread that out in the next few months, and I have to control other areas of spending as well (food!). On the bright side, I think I have curbed down my food spending. I did go over my budget, but it was mainly because of big Costco purchases that should last me for a month or two. So, if I remove that, I have exceeded my expectations. February should be better here, even if I will go to Seattle-Portland. I pack my food now to work which is (1) more Paleo-compliant, and (2) cheaper.

Career – more focus needed.
I really need more focus with work. Boredom gets the better of me, and I feel so unproductive at times. I complain of not being to do some work, but I think I can use that time better. I also need to improve my social skills to be honest. I need to be more sociable with the people around me, and not just with people I am comfortable with. I need to work on being able to overcome my shyness with new people and being able to just carry conversation and small talks.

Health – Pause on the horizon.
I have decided to take a break from my volleyball. I plan to play only until mid February, and then I will take a 1 month hiatus to let me knee fully heal and strengthen. Physical activity will not stop of course. I will probably focus on building on my core, and upper body strength. I will not have strenuous activities for the first 2 weeks, and then gradually introduce strengthening exercises in my hams, and quads. Let’s see if this plan will work. If not, another doctor’s visit might be necessary. Diet wise, I’ve been more Paleo compliant during the week because I bring food at work. I’ve moved to almond milk for my smoothies and morning coffee. I have not really felt any results to be honest, but I am assuming these things take time (PLEASE!).


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